Subterranean Termites

Appearance of Damage: Damage is very dirty in appearance. Looks like mud and sand is mixed with the damage itself. (The subterranean damage will appear dirty or muddy)

Habitat: Subterranean Termite colonies live below ground, there can be thousands of termites in each colony. The subterranean termite must live in a controlled environment, this is why it travels in a shelter tube. This termite is also very temperature sensitive… when the weather gets cool the termite will leave the structure and go back into the ground. Once the temperature warms up again the subterranean termite will return to the structure and begin feeding & doing damage once again! (Treat To Protect)

Economic Significance: Subterranean Termites do $5 Billion dollars worth of damage to homes in the United States a year. You need to protect your home no matter what kind of home you live in.

Control: Even though the technology is as advanced as it is today only soil treatments around the foundation are still the best protection today.

Do you live in Central Florida and think that this termite may be invading your home? Terma-Guard offers specialty treatments designed to control and eliminate this pest! Subterranean Termites live under ground and travel in a shelter tube.
This is the type of termite that will do millions of dollars of damage each year.

Subterranean Termite tubes Subterranean Termites must live in a controlled environment… this is why it travels in a shelter tube, It will bring up mud, sand or dirt of some kind to build this shelter tube attaching it to concrete slabs, cinder blocks or what ever it can. In order for it to get to the wood or food source it needs to eat.

All homes in Florida will eventually have termite problems no matter if it is a block, brick or wood frame home. Once this termite is in your home it will not go away… it is like a Cancer that is there to stay until one of two things happen… It is treated for or it has eaten all of the lumber it can find, which in turn will cause the wall to fall down.

This termite moves very quickly and can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time.It is often said that it is not IF you will have a Termite problem but WHEN will you have a termite problem. (Treat to Protect ) As a state certified professional I ask you to please treat your home in advance to protect your biggest investment.

Terma-Guard treats both residential & commercial properties for Subterranean Termites throughout Central Florida.