Powder Post Beetles

powder-post-beetle-identificationAppearance of Damage: Many small exit holes and in some cases, hundreds of exit holes. These holes are about 1/32 to 1/16 of a inch big, this insect will reinfest over and over again if not controlled.

Behavior:  The adult does very little damage. It is the larvae that will do most of the damage. The life cycle of the Powder Post Beetle is about 1 year and then the cycle starts all over again.

Habitat:  The powder post beetle lives in hard woods and seasoned wood. Most of these woods are used for building and construction.

Economic Significance: The Powder Post Beetle will reinfest the same structure over and over again.

Control: Do you live in Central Florida and think that this Powder Post Beetle may be invading your home? Terma-Guard offers specialty treatments designed to control and eliminate this pest! Tent Fumigation is the preferred method for treatment.

Terma-Guard treats both residential & commercial properties for Powder Post Beetles throughout Central Florida.