Tent Fumigation

When considering a tent fumigation for your home or the home of a loved one, you must first know what insect you will be treating for (Drywood Termites, Powder Post Beetles, Wood Borer or Bed Bugs).

When one of these insects are found in your home in most cases the only proper treatment is Tent Fumigation (theTenting of your home). When most people hear that they need to tent there home they get very upset, because they do not fully understand the process. Let me set your mind at ease by explaining this process.

The first thing we need to do is to measure the building to find out how big it is. Next thing is to provide you with the written estimate of the work, once we get the green light to move forward with the tenting we will then set up a day and time that is most convenient for you.

Preparing for a Tent Fumigation

When preparing for termite tenting (or Fumigation) there is some prep that will need to be done by the home owner and please keep in mind this all needs to be done for your safety,

Outside Prep – Most important thing that needs to be done is to trim back all shrubs around the house so that the tarps will fall to the ground. (Hint: Wherever rain water falls around your house is where the tarps will fall and where we need to work)

Inside Prep – All food in the home will need to be removed including anything that is in the Refrigerator and freezer.

Everything in your bathrooms need to be removed also… basically anything you eat, put in your mouth or put on your skin needs to be removed.

These items do NOT need to be removed from the home:

Bedding… Clothing… Furniture… Dishes!

Since this gas does not settle on anything there is no need to wash anything. (It is highly recommend that you wash your dishes for your piece of mind but it is not needed)

We will supply you with a customer prep sheet that will explain exactly what needs to be removed and what can stay. Of course a good rule of thumb is “If in doubt take it out!”

If you still are not sure we are only a phone call away (386) 804-8171 and will be more than happy to answer your questions. We work very closely with you during the Tent Fumigation Process.

Tent Fumigation 3 day process

The Tent will be put over the home and the gas will be released.

Second Day – Tent will be removed

Third Day – The house will be tested with an interscan to make sure that 100% of the gas has been removed from the house. Once that has been done we will deem the house clear for reentry and you are able to return to your home.

At that time there will also be a warranty put on the home to protect the owner against reinfestation

What our Customers are saying:

I have been doing business with Terma-Guard Inc. for years now and I have nothing but positive things to say. They currently service dozens of our customers for termites and they also have been very pleased. Terma-Guard is the only company that we refer business to because of their honesty, proven results and competitive pricing. They are one of the few companies around that have licenses to treat all types of termites, including subterranean, dry-wood and Formosan termites.

Terma-Guard offersTent Fumigation for Drywood Termites, Powder Post Beetles and Wood Borers throughout Central Florida.